Annika Hofmann - Storyteller Drucken
Annika Hofmann speaks English fluently. She lived in England for one year after finishing her exams at school. For many years she travelled to International Storytelling Festivals in England and Ireland. She herself says: "When I set my foot on English ground I start to think and dream in English..."

Annika Hofmann tells stories for children and adults. With her clear voice and simple gestures, she transports her listeners to a world of stories and fairytales. Her storytelling changes space and time. She transforms herself into other characters and acts the story of their lives. This is her way of addressing her listeners directly. As she herself says:“Storytelling is like remembering. When I tell someone stories, I remind them of their own stories, which can be very powerful. An experience that the hero of the story encounters becomes something that the listener encounters themselves. This can broaden our horizons and provide us with deep insides into our lives.“
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