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Annika Hofmann - born 1975 in Berlin, mother of two children. With 17 she discovered the art of storytelling. She learned for three years by the actor and storyteller Maximilian Ruethlein in Berlin then she did a three year training course in breath therapy. Since 1997 she works as a professional storyteller. She told stories at Berlin Fairytale Festival, Tollwood Festival Munich, Children Book Fair Oldenburg, International Storytelling Festival Cape Clear/ Ireland, Public Library Kempten, Festival of best Germanspeaking Storytellers Neukirchen-Vluyn and many other locations.


Geschichtenerzählerin Annika Wittig
Annika Wittig - Unterwegs mit dem historischen Zirkuswagen
From 1997 to 2001 she travelled as a storyteller through Germany first with horse and wagon and then with a circuswagon a lorry and a fairytent. As her children go to school now she settled down in the South of Germany near Munich in Kempten in Allgäu.
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